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Tooth Whitening


Tooth colour is a very individual feature. It is affected by many factors such as enamel thickness, complexion and oral health!

What causes discolouration?

  • Plaque: Poor oral hygiene can lead to deposits building up on the teeth
  • Staining: Coffee, tea, and red wine can stain the enamel
  • Smoking: Tobacco causes brown staining on your teeth
  • Decay: Dental caries can lead to cavities and discolouration
  • Trauma: An injury or blow to your teeth can cause changes in the tooth blood supply leading to a grey tooth
  • Erosion: This can cause teeth to appear yellow as enamel is thinner
  • Age: Can lead to a gradual dulling of the teeth

The first step in whitening your smile is to find the cause of discolouration. Once that has been determined we can provide the most appropriate and successful treatment to brighten the shade of your teeth.

What techniques do we use for tooth whitening?

  • There are multiple tooth whitening treatments available today. At Northern Cross Dental we use the best, scientifically proven, safe techniques to brighten your teeth, making sure that you get the optimum result.
  • Our techniques vary and are prescribed to suit your specific problems ensuring that we always put the health of your teeth first.

Scheduling a consultation is the best way to find out about the best treatment for you.

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