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How to prevent children’s dentistry problems

Northern Cross Paediatric Dental services are provided by our sister practice
Northern Cross Dentistry for Children situated 200 yds away in Burnell Court


Dental decay

Dental decay is the most common oral disease and can affect children as young as 1 year old. Approximately 40% of 5 year olds in Ireland have some dental decay. We recommend that children attend before their first birthday to asses your child’s dental health with a view to putting in place a timely, tailor made plan for the prevention of dental decay.

Minimizing dental decay

We advise parents on the most appropriate home care and how to include sweet food and drinks in a way that minimises the risk of dental decay and disease. Early assessment and detection of decay will minimise the amount of dental treatment required for your child, minimise the risk of pain and infection as well as minimising costs in the long term.

Advantages of early attendance

One of the many advantages of dental attendance as an infant is allowing your child to become familiar with the dentist and the environment at their own individual pace. Several non treatment visits allow information to be given regarding prevention of disease and reduces the chances of dental fear developing at future treatment visits. Poor dental experiences in childhood have been shown to prevent regular dental attendance in adulthood.

Children with an anxious nature may need more time and encouragement and an individual approach from an empathetic dentist using advanced behaviour management techniques with the aim of producing a confident patient.

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