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Why do decayed baby teeth need treatment?

Northern Cross Paediatric Dental services are provided by our sister practice
Northern Cross Dentistry for Children situated 200 yds away in Burnell Court


Untreated decay in baby teeth, like adult teeth, can lead to pain and infection with long standing infection possibly leading to damage of developing permanent teeth. Dental decay and pain can interfere with eating, sleeping and cause poor behaviour and appearance.

Back baby teeth only start to fall out at the age of 10-12 years when the adult ones are due to erupt. For teeth that are fit for restoration, it has been found that children tend to cope better with fillings rather than extractions. Filling or restoration of baby teeth allows these teeth to be retained and function in eating and preservation of space for the adult tooth. Early loss of a baby tooth allows unwanted movement of other teeth into its space thus there may be no space for the adult tooth to grow. Keeping baby teeth can help to reduce the need for extractions and braces.

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