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Don’t put up with loose dentures – we have the solution


There’s nothing worse than having a loose denture that irritates you especially when talking or eating. Northern Cross Dental has a perfect, straight forward solution for you! Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a full loose denture which you don’t like to wear?
  • Do your dentures feel loose when you are talking or eating?
  • Does your loose denture irritate your gums because it’s always moving?
  • Does your lack of confidence in your dentures cause you discomfort or embarrassment in social situations?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then dental implants could be the answer. For your bottom denture, as few as two implants can be used to secure a denture in place and at least 4 implants for your top denture. Having your dentures secured by implants will make you smile with confidence again and your dentures will feel secure at all times, even when talking and eating.

So how much does this type of treatment cost? You can view our full implant pricelist on our website by clicking the implant tab at the top of the home page and there is a pricelist tab along the left hand side. Dental implants are tax deductible at 20% and we will fill out your tax forms for you at the end of your treatment. If you have health insurance, they may contribute to the cost of your bottom implants. For your convenience, you can also spread your payments interest free over the course of your treatment. All this will be explained to you by Dr. Furlong, our implant dentist, and our front of house team at your consultation visit. 

You may find it helpful to visit our FAQ section and our patient testimonial section and see for yourself what our past patients thought of having their dentures secured with implants and how it changed their life.