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Testimonials – Gum Health


After years of neglecting my teeth, I knew I needed to go to see a gum specialist. I was always very nervous of going to the dentist but that has all changed now. From the moment I arrived for my consultation, the girls on reception made me feel at ease immediately. And as for Winston, well what can I say. He was so kind and understanding and excellent and his job. He explained everything to me in detail and we took the treatment at my own pace. I look forward to returning for my review appointment in 3 months time.

L Mulvaney

I needed a gum graft and was referred to Winston by my dentist. The procedure was a lot less complicated than I thought and everything was explained to me every step of the way. I would definitely recommend Winston to anyone in need of gum treatment.

S Bradshaw

Winston’s nature and professionalism are second to none. He listened to my concerns and made my treatment as enjoyable as could be.


I had severe gum disease and knew I required a lot of treatment. I was a bit anxious going in on my first visit but Dr. Camargo and his nurse created such a relaxed environment for me that I actually enjoyed attending for my appointments. The reception team were also so helpful and had my tax forms ready for me on my last visit. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

Gareth Kinsella

I attended Northern Cross Dental for implants with Dr. Furlong and was referred to Dr. Camargo as my gums needed attention before my implants could be placed. It was fantastic that I could get all my treatment in one place and I didn’t have to travel to another clinic. My gum are now healthy and my implant treatment is complete. I am delighted with my new smile.

Alice Cahill

After attending my dentist, I was advised my gums required attention and I was referred to Northern Cross to the periodontist. The consultation was very informative and I had to attend for deep cleaning for 4 visits. I was also given a demo on how to ensure that I maintained my oral hygiene at home. My gums are now healthy all thanks to Winston.

Martina Cooney

My gums were red and bleed when I brushed. After doing some research, it looked like I had gum disease. I searched gum disease online and came across Northern Cross Dental. I contacted them for info on an appointment and was booked in to see Dr. Camargo. My teeth were fine however, my gums needed attention. Dr. Camargo explained what he needed to do to get my gums healthy again. I followed his advice and attended my appointments. I have been attending for reviews every 3 months and I can happily say my gums are now healthy again.

Eddie Brady

I have a lot of crowns and find it difficult to brush around them correctly. Because of this, my gums became very unhealthy. I attended Dr. Winston Camargo and he got my gums in good condition again by 2 appointments of deep cleaning. He also went through step by step on how to clean around my crowns so that my gums stay in good condition.

Yvonne Mulvaney

After years of neglecting my teeth, they became loose and I developed bad gum disease with red and swollen gums. I was embarrassed to talk or smile so I eventually got the courage to see someone about it and it was the best decision I have ever made. I thought I would need all my teeth extracted but Dr. Camargo was able to save a majority of them by getting my gums under control. I attended him for a series of visits and still attend him every 3 months for maintenance.

T Bradshaw

Thanks to Winston, my gums are under control and a healthy pink colour. Couldn’t recommend him enough.

Sharon C