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The causes and prevention of tooth wear


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Causes of Tooth Wear

Tooth wear (tooth surface loss) is caused by a number of factors. The most common causes are:

Tooth Grinding
 – Grinding and clenching is very common. For some people it can be severe, leading to visible flattening and wear of their teeth.
Tooth wear is made worse when back teeth are lost, causing extensive damage to the front teeth.

Acid Erosion
 – Acid causes softening of the enamel and then dentine causing teeth to wear down. Sources of acid include:

Dietary causes – 
such as citrus fruits (lemon, lime, oranges), juices, fizzy drinks (including diet sodas), smoothies and alcohol.

Internal acids
 – Can reach the teeth through conditions such as stomach acid reflux, vomiting, regurgitation, bulimia, stomach ulcers, and hiatus hernias.

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Diagnosing the cause of tooth wear is crucial to successful treatment.
The first priority is to eliminate the cause.

We can work with you, in confidence, to identify and solve the problem.